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Theo Tillotson January 4, 2013 Frequently Asked Questions

We apologize for any inconvenience or difficulty you may have in logging in. In order to force a login for our site, you can visit http://www.cagle.com/members 

If that doesn't work, email us at heroes@cagle.com and our community support administrator will respond promptly.

For users who were previously members of our MediaPass program, login problems please contact MediaPass via Email at support@mediapass.com or by phone (866) 787-7665. Be sure to contact heroes@cagle.com for assistance as well as we can assist you directly with one of our new Hero accounts.

Theo Tillotson December 10, 2011 Frequently Asked Questions

In order to use a cartoon on your website you must purchase a license. Many but not all of the cartoons on Cagle.com are part of the Cagle Cartoons, Inc. syndication package. For details on which artists cartoons have licenses available for purchase you can visit http:/./www.politicalcartoons.com or click on the "Use Cartoon In Your Publication" button below each cartoon on Cagle.com (as seen to the left).

For cartoonists who are not part of the Cagle Cartoons, Inc. syndicate service, we recommend you contact them via their author information to find out how to best purchase their cartoons.

You can however share your cartoons with your friends by using one of our many social networking options available below each cartoon.

Theo Tillotson December 10, 2011 Frequently Asked Questions

Yes and no. If the cartoon is for in-classroom use only, for example as part of a lesson or for use n a student's essay, you may cut and paste the cartoon from our web site. This is permitted under the Fair Use part of copyright law.

If you want to: post a cartoon on a school web site, print it in the school newspaper, put it into lesson plans to be shared with other teachers, print the cartoon on a school poster, or publish the cartoon in a journal, you need to purchase the cartoon to have the right to use it.

NOTE: We charge only $3.50 each for high-resolution cartoons for in-classroom school use. Teachers, if you're going to project an image of the cartoon we suggest you buy the high-resolution image.

To obtain a license for a cartoon visit: http://www.politicalcartoons.com or become a Cagle.com Hero